Saturday, December 04, 2004


This is part of an email sent to me by a lady I have been corresponding with. Needless to say I will not be taking her advice and bowing in front of capitalists for allowing me to share the earth with them.

You wrote: "The modern relativism of 'ooh, nothings certain' that I (and you, indeed) detest so much in the people of today is due to a lot of things, most crucially a lack of the ability to think critically and philosophically brought about by the industrialization of education and consumer capitalism in general."

False. The cause of the inability to think is, fundamentally, the wrong/false philosophies, especially false epistemologies, applied to all education.. Industrialization and Capitalism is the best that today's world has to offer for human life. We are very fortunate to live at this time in history, and we should bow and bless all Capitalists for it.

This is pretty worrying. Had I not been the recipient of this mail I might not have believed that someone actually thinks this.


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