Thursday, December 29, 2005

Making Homosexuality Human

  Problem: Some people believe in a conspiracy, or agenda, to promote homosexuality in order to destroy 'family values'.
  This problem is more than just "there are some people who do not like gays", or even "who would kill a homosexual". This is more on the par of popular Jamaican dancehall tracks demanding murder, except that this murder is the killing of culture, of society, of human possibility. Some would take their hands and grab at the throat of love, and choke it for being wrong.

  Let me try to set out the argument, then.
  1) Homosexuality is bad (against the bible, against nature: some sort of argument that I am tempted to call superstition)
  2) Whatever is bad or unnatural is a corruption or disease (echoes of St Augustine's solution to the problem of evil, i.e. that evil is the absence or privation of good caused by human free will)
  3) The acceptance of homosexuality is therefore endorsing corruption
  4) All acceptance of homosexuality is designed to bring about corruption
  5) Those who tolerate gays are therefore part of a willed agenda or conspiracy

  Parts one and five are both obvious in the 'literature', for example the essay linked to in the previous post. I have had to assume parts 2, 3, and 4 in order to make the argument coherent.
  Where I and people who think like this differ starts in point 1 and continues through to the last. I do not believe that homosexuality is bad or unnatural. I do not think it corrupts. I do not think endorsing homosexuality is bad or unnatural, or willed to do so. And I do not accept that tolerance for homosexuals is an agenda to destroy.
  Accepting homosexuality, to me, is an agenda alright. It might also be a conspiracy. A conspiracy to allow people to be free to love and have sexual relationships, no matter what orifices must be used to allow penetrative sex. Homosexuals do not make me feel disgust or fear. They make me feel something complex and subtle - the sort of feeling you get when you meet people and try to understand them. I take them as people, people who may like to have sex a lot or not much. Or who might think of sex very little, even not at all. Just people.
  (Note: it is interesting that those who dislike homosexuality find it necessary to sexualise and feminise them so much, not for them a pleasant gay chap with a nice handshake who listens to rock music and watched Hollywood blockbusters on DVD while drinking lager after working in a normal office job. Gay people are taken to appear and be horribly gay, revelling in their own evil. Gay people are not people, they are gay.)
  Again: gay people are people first and foremost to me. They also enjoy sexual/emotional relationships with people of the same sex. Perhaps their relationships are not exactly analogous to heterosexual relationships, then again two heterosexual relationships are not exactly analogous.   Their sexual practices are barely different from mine.
To those who despise them, gay people are gay. It is all they are, they are human-shaped but composed entirely of the element Gay.

  Questions I must ask people (and will ask) who profess that acceptance of homosexuality is an agenda to destroy the world:
  Why is homosexuality 'wrong', 'bad', 'unnatural', 'immoral' etc?
  If you base this idea on the texts of the bible, how do you choose what is right and wrong from the bible, for you evidently do not follow it to the letter?
  How do you explain the vast numbers of Christians who are gay, or who accept gays?
  What should a Christian parent do if one of their children was to come out as gay?
  What evidence would or could show that homosexuality is natural?

  These questions deal with the first point of the argument I attempted to set out above, and examines the perceived badness of the gay. These are pretty stupid questions, really, as the answers are scripted and obvious. Still, we must ask.
  The second point of the argument must be questioned like this:
  What IS 'gay'? (How can one choose to be 'wrong'?)
  What is love between gay people? Does it exist?
  Why is it not possible that gay love is as legitimate as any love?
  Is gay love a corrupted and evil version of 'normal' love?

  These are interesting questions, I suppose, but again will not go very far to yield illuminating answers. I am much more compelled to ask questions relating to the last three sections of the argument:
  What is wrong with accepting that gay love is 'normal' love?
  If a Christian parent has a gay child, and comes to feel that their child is just as good in the eyes of God as their others, how can you explain this?
  Is acceptance of homosexuality always an agenda or conspiracy?
  What do those who take part in any agenda wish to destroy?
  What are family values, and how does homosexuality go against them?
  What is marriage, and how does homosexuality go against it?
  Why could you not accept gay families, or gay marriages?
  Are those who campaign for 'gay rights' part of an agenda to destroy your values?
  Is it not possible that homosexuals and those who think they deserve every right that any other citizen has is not part of an agenda to destroy, but one to protect their own values?
  Are homosexuals deserving of 'human rights', or rights of any kind?
  Are homosexuals not human? What of them is or is not?
  What would happen if we were to stop opposing this conspiracy?

  The Christian 'anti-homosexual' who complains of a conspiracy to destroy 'Christian Values' is denying the very existence of 'Homosexual Values', or even 'Human Values' that includes the homosexual as human and necessarily requiring those values.
  Quite a fiery form of rhetoric, I feel! The discourse of 'unnaturalness' that they have wrapped homosexual up in, that it has always been wrapped up in, like a chipolata, obscures the possibility of:
  The humanity of the homosexual (or at least the part that is homosexual, for it is sin)
  The existence of gay rights

  We must keep on probing and attempting to understand this mindset, and trying to destroy it. We must make gay human, an expression of human love and desire, merely 'switched' unchoosingly to another outlet of love. This will automatically make gay Godly, part of the design of the world, part of the expression of love that is supposedly the most important link in the chain between us and the heavens.
  If gays are human, and gay love is human love, automatically they deserve what all other people who love deserve.
  The psychology of this belief is fascinating, and I would love to be able to observe it further.   Any suggestions as to how this could be done, how this belief could be understood and further rationalised, how it could be further questioned?


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