Sunday, December 03, 2006


Due to my penchant for interrogation, I have set up the following blog:

This blog will attempt to re-present conversations that I have taken part in, in which I will have attempted to bring to the surface
1) the real issues insofar as the person sees them, and
2) the scope and detail of these issues with any problems.

For my part I will have, from within the conversation,
1) interjected problematics (not necessarily in a Socratic style) and
2) helped the person to construct and/or clarify their position.

Once each conversation is uploaded onto the blog, I will attempt to inform them by suggesting alternative positions, clarify what I think the major issues are, and such like.


Blogger News is Good said...

Tex-mexcellent! I hope I am on there one day and look like an idiot (as I assuredly deserve).

Have reformatted your post to make it into a link (and then messed around with line spacing, sorry to take liberties like that, but it is some sort of anal impulse). If I have done wrong I will turn it back and look at you with punished dog eyes.

The first conversation you put on there will be one that you have with your disabled charge, I imagine. And you can't take my imagination from me!

6:57 PM  
Blogger Atum said...

Certainly not my disabled charge, no. I think I'll try to just plain avoid the idiotic. Occasionally an idiot has something to say that is accidentally pertinent, but I think discovering that people are accidentally stupid is probably the way it will have to go. I'll have to procure some kind of tape recorder for the purpose - there's no chance of really remembering a whole conversation.

By the way: the line spacing's fine, but sort the punctuation out, shorty.

8:07 PM  
Blogger News is Good said...

Like Plato had a tape recorder. Make it up, adding special comedy effect when necessary!

If you do want one, though, it would be a good Christmas gift idea.

8:55 PM  

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