Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Death Of, The Love Of Knowledge

What the 20th century of measured human history has done to society is rid it almost entirely of the want for enlightenment. No longer does the invidual in society have the craving to be accurately informed. It is now enough to know so much and exist with that until death.


Blogger News is Good said...

It might be put that the Western world commonly esteems the sort of knowledge that is instrumental, or 'practical'. "You've got to have a trade!" is something that used to be said quite often, and its echo could still be resonating around our molars.

Educational Psychologists also call this knowledge 'procedural'. It is useful as it tells us how to do things. Another type is 'declarative' knowledge, which deals with the other, trickier stuff.

A simple observation would be that practical knowledge is pretty easy and can help you do things, while declarative knowledge is hard and makes you wonder about stuff. And what do we want nowadays, a world full of PS2s and Robosapiens, or a world full of wonder and dreams and human betterment? I bet you know the answer, Mr. Domino's Pizza!

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